With the tech industry booming in places like China, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, Southeast Asia has been enjoying a resounding level of success in 2013.

But how far are Asia’s top developers and manufacturers expected to go in the near future, and what are the most notable forecasts for 2014 and the upcoming years?

The Influence of China’s Growing Tech Market

A number of the largest ecommerce giants, smartphone manufacturers, search companies and internet services based in China have already began to expand their influence mainly to Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Also, a recent report from a news article about Southeast Asia market trends has revealed that some Chinese developers have even been outspending their US counterparts when it comes to advertising their services both in Asia and on a global scale.

2013 has already been witness to a remarkable surge in global interest created by a little known Chinese photo editor app that went viral last year, and experts say that continuing international success is in the forecast for China’s top developers in 2014 as well.

Social eCommerce

Social commerce has been enjoying a remarkable growth in Asian countries in the past two years, with an incredible number of consumers already using major social media services and apps to connect to mainstream sales channels.

After a number of new platforms have provided improved alternatives for payment options and mobile ecommerce in 2013, this year, we can likely expect to see the number of brands seeking sales opportunities through mobile apps and new concepts such as F-commerce which haven’t really caught on in the West as it was expected.

Asian Crowdfunding Projects

According to an informative news article about Southeast Asia tech trends, the growing interest in crowdfunding projects has raised more than $1.5 million, and the full potential of the region has not yet been reached.

Despite the fact that there have been few opportunities for small Asian companies to achieve success with crowdfunding on a global scale, local solutions continue to provide better availability and profits than were expected in past years, and a few large global platforms have also extended to Asia, promising more solutions in 2014 and the following years.

As you can see, there are many promising tech trends that are expected to emerge this year, and even if progress is slow in some areas, statistics show that new promotion platforms and improved scalability solutions are expected to improve the way companies in countries like China, Indonesia and Thailand will be communicating with their customers, leading to brand new opportunities in the upcoming years.